Training Program


  • Personal interview systematically.
  • Spiritual Reading.
  • Knowledge of monastic life.
  • Practice of Lectio Divina.
  • God called men and women of the Bible, reflection.
  • Bible study.
  • Marian Spirituality.
  • Spirituality of the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • Consecrated Life study of the Fathers of the desert.
  • Human maturity.
  • Crafts.
  • Marian Spirituality
  • Topics on prayer, silence and solitude.
  • Liturgy of the Hours
  • Biblical Introduction.
  • Community Rules.
  • Crafts.


  • Theology distance.
  • Scripture.
  • Mariology.
  • Liturgy.
  • Ecclesiology.
  • Patristic.
 vocaciones 04




What is the daily life of a nun of Our Lady of Silence?
Her life is oriented toward the experience of the living God. This search for God that animates the monastic day, distributed among: Prayer, Liturgy of the Hours, lectio divina, study, work, rest and fraternal sharing.

 vocaciones 05 Prayer: The special moment where the soul is alone with the Beloved, to express your love and especially to be loved by Him.
 vocaciones 06 Liturgy of the Hours: The spiritual purpose of the community is manifested especially in liturgical celebrations; offering to God a sacrifice of praise and intercession for the salvation of all mankind.
 vocaciones 07 Lectio Divina: The Word of God has a special place in the life of the nun, makes you grow your faith in God. This practice requires a humble attitude of listening to God speaking in his Word, hereby dialogues with God's Word rumination letting the Spirit; identifying and transforming the go with the Savior.
 vocaciones 08 Studio: It is very important not only for the nun, but for all; The study aims at the integral formation of the person.
 vocaciones 09 Working: can be varied: intellectual, manual, agricultural, artisan, artistic etc. This, is subjected at all to what is all the monastic life, to serve God. Through the work, share the creative attitude of God the Father and live in solidarity with brother struggling to support themselves.
 vocaciones 11 Leisure and Holidays: Nun is a human being, therefore, the rest of his life is in God. God Himself rested on the seventh day; Jesus, too, had his Apostles to lonely places to rest.
As a good disciple is called to be an attitude of listening is to be exercised to hear the SILENCE "inner whisper" the Spirit whispers in his heart. Silence ensures SOLITUDE amid the Community.
 vocaciones 10 Fraternity: As members of a family, trying to be reflected in the land of the Trinitarian communion, we share a fraternal spirit which are and have the gifts of nature, grace and joy of the consecration in the following of Christ.