Among the hills of a wonderful place Caacupé, is the Monastery of Silence and Our Lady of the Holy Cross, where he listens in silence, the silence that speaks to the heart. Company Ita-ybu, rural Itaybumí, 7 km from the city of Caacupé, department of Cordillera. Belonging to the Diocese of Caacupé.


Monastery of Silence and Our Lady of the Holy Cross 59 Km. 1/2 Road II 800 meters from the entrance.



Monastic Day

05:00 hrs. Raised
05:30 hrs. Matins (morning player)
06:00 hrs. Personal Prayer
06:30 hrs. Mass
07:00 hrs. Personal Prayer (continued)
07:30 hrs. Lauds (Morning Prayer)


08:00 hrs. Breakfast and start the workday
12:00 hrs. Sixth (Noon Prayer)
12:30 hrs. Lunch
13:00 hrs. Recreation
14:00 hrs. Rest
15:00 hrs. Training and / or continuation of the workday
17:00 hrs. Spiritual Reading
17:30 hrs. Recitation of the Holy Rosary
18:00 hrs. Vespers (Evening Prayer)
18:30 hrs. Lectio Divina (Prayerful reading of the Word)
19:30 hrs. Dinner
20:00 hrs. Recreation
21:00 hrs. Compline (Night Prayer)


We also have Eucharistic Adoration, every first Friday of each month (as reparation for all the tabernacles left) and Holy Hour Sunday (the universal church), Tuesdays (for the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference - CEP), Thursdays (for Vocations)

Hours and Tours

Tomorrow from 08:30 a 11:30 hrs

Afternoon from 15:30 a 16:30 hrs


Phone: (595) 511 244502

Mobile: (595) 981 935589

Email: monjasdelsilencio@gmail.com