Desiring a radical following of Christ, embrace the evangelical counsels (poverty, chastity and obedience) in a contemplative life as the monastic tradition.

We carry a concealed and industrious life, as Our Lady of Silence lived it from Nazareth to the Cenacle, praying with Jesus in loving intimacy with the Father and interceding with Him for all mankind.

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Our community was born on June 1 of (2009) with four sisters from different countries (Costa Rica, Peru and Paraguay) and two applicants. Our Patronal feast is on 25 March, the day of Lord Annunciation. 

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¿Do you want to contribute?


We sincerely thank everyone for their many details of love, support, prayers and financial support we have received. We touched and we felt the providence of God, manifested through you and so many anonymous and simple people, who give without expecting anything in return.

Thank God, especially for the friendship that you give us, on our part, receive our friendship, gratitude and constant prayers.

If you wish to continue working with this work of God, we have an account in the FAMILY BANK (For PARAGUAY) No. 32-00411650, because the property where we live is not ours yet, it belongs; temporarily to the Diocese of Caacupé will be ours with your help. We need the sum of 100,000 U $ D. to acquire.

  • We want this place of Marian spirituality where silence is the best tune for God.
  • We long to build workshops, and novitiate, since they are presenting young eager to embrace this life like Mary.


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Monsignor Claudio Giménez Medina

Monsignor Claudio Giménez Medina, Bishop of the Diocese of Caacupé, according to guidelines from the Holy See, is our community of Our Lady of Silence and Santa Cruz, in the Diocese of Caacupé with Decree No. 213/09 of August 5 , 2009.'s the only community in Paraguay and the world and we are "A Paraguayan foundation."

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