This site report schedules visits or the liturgical worship of the nuns, but also to contact us and ask when you need our prayers, especially in moments of joy and difficulty. We took those requests and thanks to our communal and personal prayer, trusting in the Lord Jesus and in the communion of saints, by which we are all brothers. The life of the nun wants to be just that, a translation of universal brotherhood. Coming from different places, ages and walks of life, we want to be a true family that prays and works in unity, bearing in our hearts the anxieties, desires and hopes of all mankind. Nun is one that is separated from all deeply attached to all, in Christ.

With Mary at the foot of the CROSS!.   -    Nuns of Caacupé - Paraguay.

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For those wishing to spend a few days with us in silence, meditation and prayer, we have one next to the Monastery Retreat House (Hostelry).

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